CSDGConflict, Security and Development Group (Department of War Studies; UK)
CSDGCourt Square Data Group, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
CSDGCalifornia School of Dog Grooming (San Marcos, CA)
CSDGCalifornia Small Denomination Gold (coinage)
CSDGCenter for the Study of Democratic Governance (University of Illinois)
CSDGConfiguration Systems Development Group
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CSDG is tapped into business planning at several levels to insure adequate awareness and connectivity and support.
CSDG has directly influenced the development of VAX OPS5, based on our experience, and continues to do so.
RIME, a software engineering methodology developed within CSDG, identifies three mechanisms that an OPS5 program can use to determine what to do and when to do it.
And, finally, CSDG periodically re-writes focused sets of rules as more is learned about the configuration of a particular product set and how to represent the knowledge more effectively.
CSDG made an architectural change to the system in order to support these needs (altering some of the knowledge representation, transitioning functionality between the OPS5 rules and non-OPS5 code to create the diagrams, and developing a specialized database).
CSDG is in the process of re-designing the user interface across the full family of configuration systems, to make it more flexible and less cumbersome for users.
The learning curve for new developers in CSDG has been as high as 12 months.
This leaves CSDG with very little time to gather and incorporate product configuration knowledge into the configuration systems.
Over the years, CSDG has developed or influenced the development of tools to provide the following:
CSDG is constantly balancing short-term and long-term tradeoffs.
Within CSDG, both the RIME and XNET development efforts have been spearheaded by such teams.
Recent research, Global Interactive Program Guides and Content Discovery covers the worldwide market for CSDGs.