CSDMCommission Scolaire de Montreal
CSDMCounter-Strike Death Match (gaming)
CSDMCollaborative Spatial Decision Making (National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis)
CSDMCenter for Shared Decision Making
CSDMCross-Spectral Density Matrix
CSDMComputer System Diagnostic Manual
CSDMCommercial Sector Demand Module (DoE, NEMS)
CSDMComputer Science and Discrete Mathematics
CSDMCustom Sign and Decal Maker (software)
CSDMCollaborative Service Delivery Model (autism)
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3 shows the implementation overview of the CSDM model.
We implement CSDM model as a proof of concept of our model.
The proofs have been carried out to prove that our CSDM model gives the stable cluster to discover services easily and also analysis the cluster overhead during formation.
To describe the second-order coherence properties of the partially coherent beam, a 2 x 2 CSDM was introduced [20]:
Using (1) and (2), the CSDM of the partially coherent beam propagating in atmospheric turbulence is written as
2]) denotes the elements of the CSDM at source plane z = 0, and [<>.
La CSDM ne fait pas exception; preoccupee par la richesse historique de son parc immobilier, elle est entree dans un processus de conservation en creant un comite du patrimoine scolaire ainsi qu'une fondation (voir figure I).
A Montreal, c'est par l'entremise de travaux de recherche sur le parc immobilier de la CSDM (2000-2004) que l'importance des batiments scolaires et leur richesse ont ete revelees.
C'est pour aider son comite patrimonial dans son travail d'evaluation et de gestion des batiments patrimoniaux que la CSDM a cree en 2002 une fondation.
Now CSDM has gone into administration and anxious creditors are waiting to hear if they'll be paid.
Maybe he means some of those who were asking awkward questions at the CSDM creditors' meeting that has just been held.
When pressed, he admitted CSDM had not even got the pounds 100k, the payment being "notional".