CSDTComputer Software Data Tapes (NASA)
CSDTCrew Systems Design Techniques
CSDTCulturally Situated Design Tool
CSDTComputer Software Development Technology (various organizations)
CSDTControl for Submarine Discharge Torpedo
CSDTContinuous Space Discrete Time (mathematics)
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According to CSDT, the development of VT is influenced by a combination of therapist, work, and supportive factors (Harrison & Westwood, 2009; Trippany et al.
A path model based on CSDT was created a priori to describe relationships between variables (McCann & Pearlman, 1990b; Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995).
Vicarious traumatization: The Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS; Pearlman, 2003) is an 84-item self-report questionnaire based on CSDT.
Hence, the aggregation of CSDT study results to achieve greater precision is usually neither a realistic nor a desirable objective, whereas these are often realistic and desirable objectives for the meta-analysis of RCTs.
In this series of CSDT, the gold standard was the type of gram-negative bacteremia, either Enterobacteriaceae or not.
For a CSDT, usually only the DOR is used in deriving summary effect measure.
Therefore, a culturally sensitive approach to education about students' vulnerabilities to secondary traumatic stress and negative mental health outcomes is warranted, a strategy that is consistent with CSDT, which emphasizes the cultural aspects of coping with secondary traumatic stress (McCann et al.
One theory that can be used to explain this progression is the CSDT (McCann & Pearlman, 1992; Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995a).
CSDT further purports that human cognitive adaptation occurs in the context of interpersonal, intrapsychic, familial, cultural, and social frameworks.
These CSDT components reflect the areas in which counselors' distorted beliefs and VT reactions occur.
The CSDT is the counterpart of the GHTF's Summary Technical Documentation.
Samples of labeling to be used on the device and its packaging materials must be included in the CSDT.