CSDTTCentre for Skills Development and Technology Transfer (South Africa)
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It was to be owned by CSDTT and in particular by the research group (also being considered Actors) to operate within CSDTT's regulations and policies, and to respond to current and new government skills development policies in South Africa (Environment), in particular to policies relating to each Client's sector.
Using this generic model, participants described the main activities of a system for defining research projects at CSDTT as follows:
As seen in Figure 4, from an observation and assessment of policies and internal research capabilities in skills development, it was felt that the CSDTT research unit could be more proactive in defining research projects and more responsive to the requirements of their clients or their own research objectives.
The elaboration of this conceptual model prompted several questions by participants in relation to what CSDTT should do about the situation.
How can researchers increase their degree of interaction with CSDTT clients?
After one of the junior researchers presented the model, CSDTT research's manager (Fiona) and a senior researcher expressed the view that they had found the model very useful.
At CSDTT, the issues being raised were 'undiscussable', and it is possible that researchers feared that some of these issues would come up in discussion, and this could have detrimental consequences.
Research capabilities to be enhanced included: assessing feasibility and viability of initiatives, defining research opportunities out of these initiatives, establishing quality research indicators and setting appropriate research priorities by negotiating with CSDTT clients.
At the beginning of the intervention exercise, it was assumed that research in skills development at CSDTT was predominantly a 'mode 2" type (Gibbons et al.
However, at CSDTT, hierarchy and expertise did not seem to help, but prevented what could have been a more effective interaction to define potential changes from going forward.