CSDWChildren's Safe Drinking Water (PUR health program)
CSDWClient Services Data Warehouse (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services)
CSDWCommensurate Spin Density Wave (physics)
CSDWCentrifugal Sudden (or Coupled States) Distorted Wave
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Allgood recently traveled to Myanmar with Chelsea Clinton to personally gift the 6 billionth liter of water generated by the CSDW Program to a family at a World Vision program site in Gway Dauk Chaung village.
In 2012, the CSDW Program that Allgood created won the U.
The CSDW program is a not-for-profit initiative specifically serving the developing world.
After watching a demonstration, a young woman named Paweena Khaporn used a P&G packet to transform a bucket of murky floodwater into the four billionth liter of clean drinking water shared through the CSDW Program.
Despite transportation difficulties and destroyed infrastructure, P&G and it's CSDW partners have shared over 25 million liters of clean drinking water with over 50,000 families affected by the floods in Thailand.
In addition to continued work in Thailand, CSDW is currently focused on providing relief to Pakistani flood victims and those enduring the drought on the Horn of Africa.
org, to view additional photos, CSDW blog updates, and videos of the Thailand response.
The P&G CSDW Program was launched in 2004 using the powdered water-purification technology, developed in collaboration with the U.
At the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative, P&G announced its intent to provide enough clean water to save one life every hour in the developing world through the CSDW Program.
CSDW has partnered with a diverse network of organizations to help distribute PUR water purification packets in developing countries.