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CSFColony Stimulating Factor
CSFCAN (Controller Area Network) Standard Frame
CSFCerebrospinal Fluid
CSFCollege of Santa Fe (New Mexico)
CSFCalifornia Scholarship Federation
CSFClassical Swine Fever
CSFCommunity Support Framework (EU)
CSFConfederación Sudamericana de Fútbol
CSFCritical Success Factor(s)
CSFCongressional Sportsmen's Foundation
CSFComputer Security Foundations (Symposium)
CSFContrast Sensitivity Function (perception)
CSFCommunications for a Sustainable Future
CSFCancer Slope Factor
CSFContent Sealed Format
CSFChildren's Scholarship Fund
CSFCat-Scratch Fever
CSFCoalition Support Funds (State Dept funds)
CSFComprehensive Soldier Fitness Program (US Army)
CSFCanadian Standard Freeness (property of woodpulp)
CSFCommercial Spaceflight Federation (Washington, DC)
CSFChristian Student Fellowship (religious group)
CSFChina Sourcing Fair
CSFCurriculum Standards Framework
CSFCut Sheet Feeder (printing option)
CSFConfidential Statement of Formula
CSFCombined Support Force
CSFConfiguration State Function
CSFCalifornia State Fair
CSFContent Structure Format
cSfCzech Silesia Forces
CSFCollège de la Sainte Famille
CSFConseil Supérieur des Finances (French: High Finance Advice)
CSFCommunity Systems Foundation (Michigan)
CSFCarrier Security Fee (maritime surcharge)
CSFCanadian Schizophrenia Foundation
CSFCustom Statement Formatter (Metavante, Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
CSFComputer Solutions Facility AG (Muttenz, Schweiz)
CSFCarcinogenic Slope Factor
CSFConnecticut Science Fair
CSFCommunications Sans Fil
CSFCryptographic Support Facility
CSFCritical Safety Function
CSFCourse Structure File
CSFCoral Sea Fishery (Australia)
CSFCégep Sainte-Foy (French)
CSFChief of Security Forces
CSFCentral Supply Facility
CSFCasualty Staging Facility
CSFChildren's Surgical Foundation
CSFChemical Storage Facility
CSFCost Sensitivity Factor (NASA)
CSFCulture and Science Foundation (Lebanon)
CSFCustomer Service Function
CSFCustomer Servicing Facility
CSFContract Status File
CSFSignaling Control Function
CSFCard Security Foil
CSFConstant Spreading Factor
CSFCompound Submission Form (for drug research)
CSFConsolidated & Overpacked Spent Fuel
CSFContractor Support Facility
CSFConsolidated Support Facility
CSFCatastrophic System Failure
CSFCorellian Security Forces (gaming)
CSFChemical Support Facility
CSFChambre Syndicale Professionnelle Nationale de la Féculerie de Pomme de Terre (French)
CSFCredential Store Factory (Oracle Wallet)
CSFCourrier Science-Fiction
CSFCutter System File (USCG)
CSFComputer Support Facility
CSFCommon-Source FET (Field Effect Transistor)
CSFCambridge Swedish Festival (Cambridge, MN)
CSFCoalition Solidarity Funds
CSFChaudronnerie Serrurerie du Forez (French metalworks company)
CSFChantiers Spatiaux Français (French: French Building Space)
CSFCompagnie Générale de Télégraphie sans Fil (French: General Company of Wireless Telegraphy; est. 1918)
CSFChercheurs sans Frontières (French: Researchers without Borders)
CSFCentre Subaquatique Français (French: French Underwater Center)
CSFConfédération Syndicale des Familles (French: Trade Union Confederation of Families)
CSFContexte de la Sexualité en France (French sexulity survey)
CSFComputer Support Forum
CSFCommunication sans Frontières (French: Communication without Borders)
CSFComma Separated File (computing)
CSFCentre Stores Fermetures (French window and door company)
CSFCercle des Sénateurs Francophones (French: French Senators Circle)
CSFCommequiers Sport Football (French football club)
CSFComité des Salines de France (French: Salt Committee of France)
CSFCancer Support France (France)
CSFCuraçao Sunchild Foundation (Curaçao)
CSFCrédit Social des Fonctionnaire (French: Social Credit Officer)
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She presented the results of a prospective study of 132 subjects who underwent PIB scanning and a lumbar puncture for CSF A[[beta].
The other cases of CSF-H (43%) were considered to be attributable to TLP, which represented 18% of the total CSF specimens.
Injection into the lumbar region can be adequate since the blood may travel to the site of the dural leak and injection will result in elevated CSF pressure," Dr.
Treatment of intrasphenoidal encephaloceles must be directed toward two primary goals: the prevention of CSF leakage and the repair of the middle fossa defect.
At Fontwell, it paid more than the CSF in five of the
Finally, since it's replaced several times a day, CSF flushes the central nervous system.
Organizations will now not only have a complete picture of their current state of compliance, but also the support and direction needed to lead their remediation efforts and report their progress against the CSF and the variety of regulations and standards it incorporates.
The Tote dividend is based on a 24-per-cent takeout whereas we only make about 20 per cent from the CSF, so you could argue that the CSF formula should pay a lot less than it does.
In addition, CSF specimens with evidence of contamination with blood (report of blood in the CSF by the physician, or >200 X [10.
Various cells in the body make small amounts of CSFs.
HITRUST provides regular updates to the CSF and CSF Assurance Program to ensure the offerings remain relevant to the organizations that rely upon them to address evolving security requirements and maintain regulatory compliance.