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CSICConsejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
CSICCustomer Specific Integrated Circuit
CSICComputer System Interface Circuit
CSICCanadian Society of Immigration Consultants
CSICChina Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (est. 1999)
CSICCustomer Specific Integrated Circuit (Motorola)
CSICCellular Swiss Ice Crystal (cosmetics)
CSICCadet School Infantry Company (UK)
CSICCentre for the Studies of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
CSICCustomer Service Information Center
CSICCombat System Installation Certification
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Alsulaiman said: "The launch of Huawei's CSIC in Riyadh is a step forward to support the Saudi 2030 vision and the digitisation plan, which play a big role in diversifying the Kingdom's economy.
We are honoured to have His Excellency inaugurate one of the largest CSIC for Huawei in the region," said Li Xiangyu (Space Lee), vice president of public affairs and communications, Huawei Middle East.
product line of tool changers, collision sensors, grippers, connectivity technology and custom solutions will well complement the CSIC existing line of products and total automation support goals.
Best will closely monitor the quarterly performance of CIC and CSIC against each company's respective business plan, and any material negative deviation in terms of management, earnings, capitalization or risk profile could result in downward pressure on the companies' ratings.
The CSIC Microcontroller Divisions are business units within Motorola's Microcontroller Technologies Group, with headquarters in Austin.
Rob Baxter, vice president and general manager for Motorola's CSIC Microcontroller Divisions noted: "The 68HC05E5 and its OTP version are perfect for applications such as computer peripherals.
The CSIC Microcontroller Divisions are business units within Motorola's Microcontroller Technolog percent of the 1995 microcontroller market, aocessor, Motorola has played a key role in devs include the 6800, 68000, DSP56000, 6805, 68HC11/12 and PowerPC families.
In line with Motorola's recently announced CSIC design methodology, and the new Flash-based CAN microcontroller family, the S3 strategy will enable Motorola to offer customers a migration path to cost-effective solutions with higher performance and integration, through continuous development of the 8-bit microcontroller portfolio.
Said Brian Gardner, general manager for Motorola's Automotive and Industrial CSIC Microcontroller Divisions: "The 68HC708MP16 is an innovative solution for many motor control applications requiring electronic control.
Complementing the price reduction is the 7-Day CSIC Design Methodology and the Motorola MCU's-In-A-Day program, which offers one day shipment of many of Motorola's best selling OTP microcontrollers.
The 68HC08 architecture is supported by the "7-Day CSIC" design methodology recently announced by the CSIC Microcontroller Divisions, allowing design of a microcontroller from specification to preparation for production in seven working days.
Anchored by the previously announced revolutionary 7-Day CSIC Design methodology, which enables 68HC08 microcontrollers built to customer specifications to be designed and prepared for production within seven working days, new development support tools include data manuals and general release specifications (GRS), application notes, hardware development tools, software development tools, the CSIC Web site and CD-ROM.