CSILChoice in Supports for Independent Living (Canada)
CSILCentro Studi Industria Leggera (Italian)
CSILConseil Scientifique des Iles de Lérins (French: Scientific Council of the Lerins Islands)
CSILCommercial Satellite Imagery Library
CSILCervical Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion
CSILCombat Systems Integration Laboratory
CSILCustomer Service Informational Line
CSILCrew Systems Integration Laboratory
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The configuration changes, software and firmware updates, added encryption, and other fixes applied in the CSIL also save valuable time.
CSIL was set up as a public limited company in February 1995, constituted as a private limited company in August 2001, and reconstituted as a public limited company in October 2005.
Master, letter 23 August 1866 SRNSW CSIL 4/584, 66/4209.
The CSIL contains classified Ikonos (1 meter resolution), Landsat, SPOT (Systems Probatoire d'Observation de La Terre) imagery, and several types of unclassified imagery.
office furniture production is about 70 percent metal and 30 percent wood pieces, according to a 2000 report by Italian furniture industry research firm CSIL Milano,.
CSIL Publications: Wand Stanford Junior University, 1999.
Aktrin will then lead a trade mission -- sponsored by the Tuscan officials and CSIL, the renowned Italian Furniture Consulting firm -- to Italy in May of 1997.
How an employee locates information about the CSIL is the path or indicators that can lead the adversary to critical or sensitive information.
The proposed merger of the CSIL and the Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (Picic) Insurance Ltd is in progress.
In an interview to Dawn, CSIL CEO and Managing Director, Naim Anwar revealed CSIL and Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (PICIC) Insurance Ltd merger was currently in progress.