CSLBContractors State License Board
CSLBCalifornia State License Board (construction industry regulation)
CSLBCadastral Surveyors Licensing Board (New Zealand)
CSLBCoincidence-Site-Lattice Boundary
CSLBCasein-Soya-Lactose Broth (bacteria culturing)
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So while you may wish to contest reclassification and tax liability issues with the EDD, you need to be aware of the licensing issues when advising your clients as the EDD could put them out of business by reporting them to CSLB if the tax liability is final and the business does not have an approved payment plan.
CALPASC will continue to work with CSLB and other state and local agencies to ensure the playing field is leveled
We commend the efforts of the San Diego District Attorney's office, CSLB and DIR in working swiftly to respond to a tip about a noncompliant contractor operating without a California contractor's license.
We are grateful for the efforts of the CSLB to uncover and pursue unlicensed contractors who continue to undermine the economy and the professionalism of our trades.
In addition, California Contractor Bonds takes care of all the work associated with filing your bond with the CSLB.
California's Contractors State License Board (CSLB) estimates more than 210,000 contractors participate in the underground economy, which is why the California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) continues to closely watch the actions of a number of state agencies, including the CSLB, Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), Employment Development Department (EDD) and the Department of Insurance.
Not only do they take business away from legitimate business people, they're putting consumers at risk," said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands.
The focused coordination among agencies like the State Insurance Department, CSLB, Department of Industrial Relations and district attorney offices, echoes throughout the industry making it clear to violators if you are fraudulently seeding and growing your business, we will find you and weed you out.
In addition, CSLB and the SCDA cited approximately 53 unlicensed contractors with criminal citations.
Both CSLB Chief Fogt and EDD Chief Ramsubhag spoke to the magnitude of the problem with the underground economy.
SB 459 directly addresses this by stating "any penalty or disciplinary action by the Labor Commissioner or the CSLB will remain in effect against any successor entity that is engaged in a similar business, and has one or more of the same principals of the prior entity.