CSLSCentre for the Study of Living Standards (Canada)
CSLSCentre for Socio-Legal Studies
CSLSCenter for the Study of Law & Society (est. 1961; University of California; Berkeley, CA)
CSLSCovariance Shaping Least-Squares
CSLSCircuit and System-Level Synthesis
CSLSCoding Solvability and Linear Solvability
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Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, referred to the numbers contained in the CSLS report while addressing the special chiefs assembly in Ottawa in early December.
The modification of the traditional decomposition that uses deviations from means was called "the CSLS decomposition" by de Avillez (2012).
Calver, Matthew (2015) "Closing the Aboriginal Education Gap in Canada: Assessing Progress and Estimating the Economic Benefits," CSLS Research Report 2015-03, June, www.
Sharpe, Andrew, Jean-Francois Arsenault and Peter Harrison (2008a) "The Relationship Between Labour Productivity and Real Wage Growth in Canada and OECD Countries," CSLS Research Report No.
The CSLS is a prestigious sports industry trade show that is attended by such organizations as the NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL and Hockey Canada.
The findings of this study and the CSLS results differ because in the latter the contribution of intangible assets to the labour productivity growth was partially and implicitly counted in the contribution of labour and MFP.
The CSLS, however, was able to compute contribution estimates for oil and gas extraction plus support activities for mining and quarrying and oil and gas extraction (Table 7, Panel B).
The article builds on and expands previous CSLS research on the subject, in particular Harrison and Sharpe (2009) and Sharpe and Long (2012).
In fact, according to CSLS calculations, the Canada-U.
A second decomposition formula, referred to here as the CSLS decomposition, was developed by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) and is used in several of its articles and reports, including Sharpe (2009), Sharpe (2010), and Sharpe and Thomson (2010).
ICT Investment Gap in 2008: Gains in Communications Equipment and Losses in Computers," CSLS Research Note 2010-01(Ottawa: Centre for the Study of Living Standards).