CSLSCentre for the Study of Living Standards (Canada)
CSLSCentre for Socio-Legal Studies
CSLSCenter for the Study of Law & Society (est. 1961; University of California; Berkeley, CA)
CSLSCovariance Shaping Least-Squares
CSLSCircuit and System-Level Synthesis
CSLSCoding Solvability and Linear Solvability
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Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, referred to the numbers contained in the CSLS report while addressing the special chiefs assembly in Ottawa in early December.
The CSLS authors develop a methodology that decomposes the relationship between productivity and wages into four factors.
Vehicle Car Tata Vista/Indigo CSLS / CSLX or equivalent model Year 2013 or latest, capacity 1 plus 4 on hire basis for SE O and M Deolond for management work of BS 03, HPS Deolond for monthly running of 2000 KMs.
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Two sets of results are presented: one based on the generalized exactly additive decomposition (GEAD) and one based on the CSLS decomposition.
Murray, Alexander and Andrew Sharpe (2016) "Partial versus Total Factor Productivity Measures: Assessing Resource Use in Natural Resource Industries in Canada" CSLS Research Report 2016-20, December.
This conclusion aligns well with work of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards which has consistently emphasized that the widespread adoption of innovations is as important as the innovations themselves (see, for example, CSLS, 2005).
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