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CSPDComprehensive System of Personnel Development
CSPDColorado Springs Police Department
CSPDCalifornia Society of Pediatric Denistry (Carmel, CA)
CSPDCenter for Student Professional Development (various universities)
CSPDCalendar of State Papers Domestic (UK)
CSPDCoral Springs Police Department (Florida)
CSPDChemicals and Statistical Policy Division (EPA)
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The exact number was not obtainable for each agency in either the RSA 911 data or the CSPDs .
Abu-Ghazaleh affirmed that his Organization endeavors to serve public institutions by offering its professional services and expressed his honor at serving the CSPD which he credited with the creation of a comprehensive database of all citizens data and offering services to all citizens.
The King was briefed by the Director of the CSPD Marwan Qteishat on mechanism adopted to provide better services to citizens through adopting an electronic system that accelerate the accomplishment of transactions.
Will is also an Air Force veteran and has worked alongside Dennis with CSPD since January of 2004.
The beginning of the story goes back to the CSPD when as usual one goes to renew a passport or ID.
5) for two minutes, before being reacted with the chemiluminescent substrate, CSPD and exposed to X-ray film to record the chemiluminescent signal.
As Maureen Bell notes in her brief introduction, McKenzie had relied on the indexes of many of these official documents; as Bell observes, however, the indexes are far from exhaustive, so she undertook the daunting task of combing through the entirety of the CSPD, the House Journals, the Stationers' Company's Court Books, and the Historical Manuscript Commission Reports for the years covered in the Chronology.
7) The CSPD records sums owed to him for 'physical things, perfumes, and &' and safe conduct granted 'to go abroad for Rhenish wines'.
CSPD lists Sheppard as a royalist writer, no mention is made of Hackluyt.
17) CSPD 1640-41: 11 May 1641 574; BRO D/EN/F8/1/1; BRO D/EN F8/2/1; and BRO D/EN F8/2/2.
Dig-labeled fragments were detected using CSPD (disodium 3-(4-methoxispirol {1,2-dioxetane-3,2'(5'-chloro) tricyclo [[3.