CSPICertified Specialist in Poison Information
CSPICharter School Policy Institute (Austin, TX)
CSPICenter for Social Policy Initiatives (Croatia)
CSPICumulative Schedule Performance Index
CSPICenter for Science in the Public Interest
CSPICorporate Service Price Index
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The ABA statement maintains that CSPI "is clearly more show than substance," and labels the Dump Soda campaign "another attempt by the CSPI to blame one product for a complex problem.
In a year with an unnerving number of huge outbreaks and recalls, we urge Congress to give consumers a full loaf when it comes to food safety," said CSPI food safety director Caroline Smith DeWaal.
The CSPI report also concludes that industry viewpoints are vastly over-represented compared to public interest perspectives.
CSPI cautions, "Most such claims are not supported by studies.
Barrow and Conrad (2006) suggested that the CSPI and the EWG challenged two scientists because they were "funded by industry.
CSPI, which back in the late '70s called salt "the deadly white powder you already snort," naturally did not consider the possibility, that the problem is the government's salt guidelines rather than the public's failure to follow them.
CSPI sent letters to the Beer Institute and to the Federal Trade Commission saying that Bud Light commercials "violate both the spirit and the letter" of the Beer Institute's advertising and marketing code, which cites that the ads should not portray or imply illegal activity.
The council called on CSPI to focus on "real solutions" to obesity, such as building support for improving and increasing nutrition education and requiring regular physical education in schools.
However, "the new labels will let consumers compare trans fat content from product to product, and that will be a great step forward," says CSPI nutrition policy director Margo Wootan.
A mycotoxin or an allergic reaction may cause the adverse reactions, according to CSPI.
And, the CSPI contends, no matter how Coca-Cola's money is used, the deal makes it "extremely unlikely" that the AAPD will take stands that aren't in the soda giant's interests, such as opposing soft-drink machines in schools.
However, this time CSPI ran into resistance from nearly everywhere.