CSPMCalifornia School of Podiatric Medicine (Samuel Merritt University)
CSPMCertified Security Project Manager (Security Industry Association)
CSPMCisco Secure Policy Manager
CSPMCertified Senior Project Manager (American Society for the Advancement of Project Management)
CSPMColorado Springs Pioneers Museum (Colorado Springs, Co, USA)
CSPMConflict Sensitive Program Management (various organizations)
CSPMComplete System Performance Monitor (software)
CSPMCloakware Server Password Manager (software)
CSPMChild Support Program Manager (various locations)
CSPMComputer Security Program Manager (US Department of Homeland Security)
CSPMCommunications Support Processor for the Millennium
CSPMCommunications Security Publication Memorandum
CSPMCommunications System Performance Model
CSPMCaribbean Sheep Production and Marketing
CSPMChief Solution Provider Mom
CSPMCertification in Strategic Performance Management (Mentor Plus)
CSPMCustomer Satisfaction and Performance Management
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The structure of the CSPM -including stages and sub-stages- is summarized in the diagram presented in Figure 2.
Most of the genotypic ranking based on CSPM agreed with the ranking of genotypes based on combined over years analysis mean, except that VS94-20 was not in the top class and VS94-22 was.
The surface nanostructures were examined by a CSPM 4000 atomic force microscope (ATM) provided by Benyuan Co.
CITP, CSPM, who has published a new guide, "How to Choose a Sales Tax Management Solution," available for download at www.
CSPM enables organizations to meet their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) objectives while ensuring business continuity and the security of mission-critical data and IT infrastructure.
CSPM is the first solution to eliminate the risks associated with privileged administrator and application-to-application passwords.
The goal of CSPM is to certify individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in every aspect of project management as it relates to security systems.
CSPM First Password Management Tool Eligible to Receive Intel[R] Certified Solutions Powered by SpikeSource Badge
Customers, partners, prospects and staff will be able to get an inside look at CSPM and gain a full understanding of the product's strengths and real-world applications.
CSPM eliminates the complexity of password management, while streamlining overall datacenter operations and minimizing cost.
The enhanced version of CSPM removes these roadblocks with streamlined deployment options, improved integration into existing environments and superior scalability and reliability.
This is where the information and tools provided by the CSPM program are so useful.