CSPNCenter for the Study of the Pacific Northwest
CSPNCollege Savings Plan Network
CSPNCollaborative Seniors' Portal Network (Canada)
CSPNCivil Society Partnership Network
CSPNCampus School Parent Network (Memphis, TN)
CSPNCentral Star of Planetary Nebulae (astronomy)
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the CSPN formulated disclosure guidelines on behalf of the states.
The CSPN procedure is based on fully documented guidelines and criteria defined by ANSSI.
Stonesoft received the CSPN certification for the IPS solution on February 19, 2013 under the reference ANSSI-CSPN-2013/01.
Exhibit 1 contains the website addresses of CSPN and other relevant sites.
CSPN is the largest community specialty pharmacy network in the country, with over 220 member pharmacies servicing 49 states and over 100,000 specialty patients.
Our partnership with Adheris will result in a great aid to our compliance efforts for the patients served by our pharmacy partners," said Nick Calla, Vice President of Industry Relations, CSPN.
Mike Roberts, Vice President of Pharmacy Operations for Adheris, said: "Adheris applauds CSPN for addressing the challenging obstacle of medication non-adherence.
Through black-box testing, the CSPN certification helps ensure that Ezio Mobile SDK behaves as defined to this industry leading testing standard".
The cyber security expert Stonesoft today announced its Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) has obtained the highest level security certification CSPN delivered by the French security agency ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency).
All set-top boxes are linked to a central content server that is frequently updated with licensed movie content from major movie studios, such as New Line Cinema and CSPN.