CSPOCertified Scrum Product Owner (training workshop)
CSPOConsortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes
CSPOCambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics
CSPOChief Strategic Planning Officer
CSPOCanadian Scenario Paintball Operations
CSPOClosely Spaced Parallel Operations (US FAA)
CSPOCommunications Systems Program Office
CSPOComputer Security Program Office
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CSPO, which was founded at Columbia University in 1998, moved to ASU in 2003 and has grown to become one of the largest and most diverse science and technology programs in the country.
Dan Sarewitz was the founding director of CSPO and continues as one of its intellectual leaders.
Planning has already begun on an improved website that will be updated regularly with news items and links to relevant additional information, a calendar that will list important upcoming events, an expanded job board, links to other networks of which ASU and CSPO are a part, such as the Future Tense collaboration with the New American Foundation and Slate magazine.
CSPO is produced and delivered in three main ways--as pure CSPO, shipped separately to the buyer; as a blend with conventional palm oil; and traded in the form of certificates, much in the way of greenhouse gas emissions.
The RSPO remains confident that initial wariness of supply has been overcome, and that CSPO will provide the answer to emerging concerns in South America, as well as in the oil palm heartlands of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.
After years of hard work through the Roundtable--which WWF helped establish--the first shipment of CSPO arrived late last year.
This time round we checked companies' involvement in the RSPO, their policies and if they were buying CSPO.
Emissions were a big issue: how could we include a commitment to reduce emissions in CSPO production?
Now responsible palm oil buyers need to make it clear they want CSPO and they want their suppliers to commit to reducing the climate emissions of palm oil.
Here, any organisation wanting to make the claim it is supporting CSPO can buy a certificate from the certified plantation for each tonne of palm oil or palm derivative it uses in its products.
Daniel Sarewitz is managing director and senior research scholar at CSPO.