CSPOCCancer Surveillance Program of Orange County
CSPOCCanadian Space Opera Company (theatre company)
CSPOCConference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth (est. 1969)
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Around 250 delegates participated in the CSPOC and these included 34 Speakers and presiding officers of elected parliamentary and legislative bodies and allied officials such as Secretary Generals.
Because of CSPOC contractual requirements, exact addresses of the case patients and the control patients were not transmitted with the patient records and were not, therefore, available for this study.
The dependent variable was assigned as the number of AML or MM cases in the census tract and was obtained directly from the General Statistical File of the CSPOC database.
The Standing Committee of CSPOC will discuss and determine the agenda and venue for the organization of Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of Commonwealth 2012.