CSRIConcrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (trade association)
CSRICollege Sport Research Institute (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
CSRICognitive Systems Research Institute (Athens, Greece)
CSRICoordinated Spam Reduction Initiative (Microsoft)
CSRIComputer Systems Research Institute (University of Toronto)
CSRICenter for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement (Washington, DC)
CSRIClinical Sciences Research Institute (Warwick University, UK)
CSRICorporate Social Responsibility Institute (Bangkok, Thailand)
CSRIColumbia Summer Research Institute (Columbia University Medical Center; New York, NY)
CSRIComputer Systems Resource, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
CSRICellules Secrètes Révolutionnaires Internationales
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Thus, the RCI-10 does yield data useful to identify clients with CSRI even though the reasons for a low score require further investigation.
Immediately after closing, CSRI owns 62,390,124 Class B voting shares and Slaight Communications holds 47,570,361 Class B shares.
Stefano Natella, Global Head of Equity Research for Investment Banking and a member of the CSRI Operating Committee, said: "A further important finding is the emergence of the middle segment of the wealth pyramid, which is composed of one billion individuals located in the fastest-growing economies of the world.
CSRI also talks about volume emailers putting down financial bonds on their reputations as responsible emailers, compliant with industry-set guidelines.
In creating the CSRI, the researchers used a subset of survey results that focused on more than 200 companies with a dominant presence in the United States and believed to have a reasonably high recognition factor with the general public.
Specifically, SiriusXM Canada shareholders CSRI and Slaight Communications sold 6m and 2m class A shares, respectively, or a combined 8m shares, at CAD3.
Angela, a junior at Saint Leo University, interned this past summer with the College Sports Research Institute at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, worked at the 2010 CSRI Conference, and has attended the last two SMA conferences (including being on the winning undergraduate case study team in 2009).
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Kennedy School of Government, CSRI Report No.
While the mental health field has greatly increased its attention on religious issues in recent years, the author states that including CSRI in the severity assessment of pathological symptoms represents a crucial shift in practice.
83 Million 94 Table 45: Navajo Wind Energy To Acquire 50% Interest In CSRI Xuzhou Nantung Wind Farm Project 95 1.
acquired a 50% joint venture partnership interest in the CSRI Xuzhou Nantung 35MW wind farm project in China and received a financing commitment for this acquisition;
Tenders are invited for Delivery of hygiene, sanitation, detergents, disinfectants and medical supplies for the needs of the Centers for family-type, Home Care Service, CSRI "Orpheus" DTSDVU "Hope" Sheltered housing and municipal kindergartens in the Municipality of Kardzhali in two lots