CSRLCanadian Social Research Links (est. 1997)
CSRLContinuous Stochastic Reward Logic (computer programming)
CSRLCenter for the Study of Responsive Law
CSRLCommon Strategic Rotary Launcher
CSRLCompound Semiconductor Research Laboratory (Sandia Labs)
CSRLCorporate Sponsored Research and Licensing
CSRLCenter for the Study of Religious Life (Chicago, IL)
CSRLColégio Santa Rosa de Lima
CSRLComputing Systems Research Lab (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University)
CSRLCarbon Steel Rubber-Lined
CSRLCode Selected Reconciliation Listing (Air Force technical order)
CSRLComputer Security Research Laboratory
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The CSRL is a research and device prototyping facility.
o(Poland) Foster Farms (USA) Foyle Food Group (Ireland) Frank Delmote (Belgium) Franka Fleischwaren GmbH (Germany) Fresh Mark, Inc(USA) Furlotti & CSRL (Italy) GalusImpex JSCo (Bulgaria) Gastronome (France) Gerber Poultry, Inc(USA) Giex Foods Pvt.
The CSRL partnership serves 800 households with 7500 people, In 2005, only 9 percent of the people had food security (two meals per day).
High-level tools based on this concept, such as CSRL (5), DSPL (2), MUM (16), and MOLE (13), illustrate how this approach facilitates knowledge modeling, knowledge acquisition, explanation, and learning.