CSRPCompany Specific Risk Premium (finance)
CSRPCustomer Synchronized Resource Planning
CSRPCertified Solar Roofing Professional
CSRPCivil Service Reform Program
CSRPClient Server Runtime Process (Microsoft)
CSRPCollege Student Retention Program (Canada)
CSRPCharter School Review Panel
CSRPCertified Subrogation Recovery Professional (National Association of Subrogation Professionals)
CSRPCadet Summer Research Program (USAF Academy)
CSRPConceptual Stage Relocation Plan (transportation projects)
CSRPComputer & Software Review Panel
CSRPCanadian Society of Russian Philately
CSRPConsumer Synchronized Resource Planning
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While no exact number is available, it is estimated that perhaps as many as three to four thousand schools are engaged in implementing a CSRP (Borman et al.
5) An example of materials flow analysis can be found in the evaluation of the recovery potential of secondary metals (from mining and production) by the CSRP and Yale University.
In the post Y2K period, Symix expects CSRP to be regarded as the next logical step for customers considering reinvestment in and extension of their ERP systems.
Computational Neuroethology: A Provisional Manifesto, Technical Report, CSRP 162, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex.
Lahore: A National Youth Summit is going to be organized in Lahore by CSRP, UOL on12 and 13 of February.
However, all combinations are also checked visually using the CSRP name structure to ensure a correct match.
First, they provide upper- and lower-bound estimates of the impact of CSRP on students' academic achievement, taking into account their subsequent nonrandom selection into higher versus lower quality school settings.
Contract award notice: Purchase additional skills training 1 in the 2015-2017 CSRP.
Kathleen Smith, CSRP, is the managing director for Spartan Recoveries LLC.
The demonstration adopted the model used by CSRP (formerly the Chicago School Readiness Project) and adapted it slightly to fit a new policy context.
We also require that the parent firm have stock price data available on CSRP prior to the announcement date.