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Against the background of this phenomenal expansion, CSSE was created in 1972 as the first national organization claiming to represent all Canadian university researchers.
The CSSE Professional Development Conference will focus on the theme of Health & Safety in a Changing World Leading Beyond Compliance.
The reach of CSSE is envisioned as international and we afford this goal through the appointment of an editorial board that is global.
An Artefact Repository to Support Distributed Software Engineering, Proceedings of 2nd Workshop on Cooperative Supports for Distributed Software Engineering Processes, CSSE 2003, Benevento, Italy.
9/28/97) The first, lists sites that he promotes will assist educators to enhance their curriculum: Brock's Home Page, NEWS, Pre-Service Course, Ministry of Education and Training Documents, Search Engines, Software, Additional Qualifications-CITC, Lesson Plans, CSSE "97, Sample Lesson Plan, Reference Sites, Current Research/TIPP Project, and Course Evaluation.
After all, if the CSSE were to attract national and international attention, proponents thought the Society must have effective ways of communicating with the whole academic community.
During NAOSH Week, CSSE is encouraging investment in workplace health and safety through events across the country.
Xu, " An effective Algorithm for mining Positive and negative Association rules", Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Science and Sofware Engineering, CSSE 08, Vol.
CSSE works by automatic marking of all user-originated data with meta-data about its origin and ensuring that this metadata is preserved and updated when operations are performed on the data.
Paper presented at the CSSE Springer Forum, Orlando, FL.
The Logistics Support Division (LS) provides a single touch point for the Deputy Commandant, Installations & Logistics Department, and external agencies by performing the advocacy role for the Marine Corps CSSE and Installations communities.
The CSSE [combat service support element] strikes a delicate balance between having enough Marines to perform these sustaining functions efficiently and responsively, without getting so large that it loses the inherent mobility that enables it to rapidly deploy.