CSSFCommission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (Luxembourg)
CSSFCalifornia State Science Fair
CSSFCenter for the Study of Science Fiction
CSSFCyprus Shooting Sport Federation
CSSFCanadian Scientific Submersible Facility
CSSFComite de Soutien a la Scolarisation des Filles (French: Rural Girls Educational Support Committee)
CSSFCounty School Service Fund
CSSFCongregation of the Sisters of St. Felix (Felician Sisters)
CSSFCivil Service Superannuation Fund (Canada)
CSSFCanadian School Sports Federation
CSSFChicago Student Science Fair
CSSFCommunity Service Summer Fellowship
CSSFCalcine Solids Storage Facility
CSSFC3 Systems Simulation Facility
CSSFCongregation of Sisters Saint Felice Cantalicio, Felicians (religious order)
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12) The CSSF and the OSFI have no objection to the establishment of the proposed representative office.
The CSSF is preparing proposals in this area in the light of the evolving international and European debate.
The CSSF has liquidated the Luxalpha fund, for which UBS AG (UBSN.
In Morocco this gender inequality was seized upon by CSSF, a non-profit organisation that contributes to the cost of educating girls in rural areas of the country.
The MoU between the CBB and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) establishes a general framework for mutual co-operation and assistance between the CBB and the CSSF.
2006), "La demande des menages en matiere de credit a la consommation et les ajustements necessaires pour y repondre", report by the BIPE for the CSSF, January.
Ann Therese Kelly, CSSF, assistant professor of fine arts at Felician College, and Shannon, a Sister of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary who in her ministry of the arts offers classes to adults and children.
Up to November 2017, progress was assessed under DFID Burmas Peacebuilding Programme (Project 204661), in addition to the CSSF Burma Annual Review
This acquisition requires approval from the financial regulator, CSSF, in Luxembourg.
The CSSF conducted 41 onsite AML/CFT inspections in 2014.
Set to be headquartered in Luxembourg due to its robust macro-economic environment and supportive regulatory framework for (Islamic) financial services, the founders, promoters and Deloitte have concluded a meeting with the CSSF (Luxemburg's Supervisory Authority) which has welcomed the idea and gave the directions to prepare the documents required to submit the bank's file to obtain the banking license.