CSWACertified Solidworks Associate
CSWACanadian Science Writers' Association
CSWAChinese Staff and Workers Association
CSWACommittee on the Status of Women in Astronomy
CSWAClinical Social Work Associate
CSWACoeliac Society of Western Australia
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In 2004 CSWA published their first sustainability report based on anonymously aggregating the self-assessments and bench-marking the level of implementation of each practice in their workbook.
And the CSWA logo is not allowed to be used on wine labels.
The CSWA, AIWA, and Fuerza Unida can also be likened to the radical Asian and Latino movements of the 1960s and '70s.
In 2010, the CSWA launched Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (Certified Sustainable), a certification option that provides independent third-party verification of stringent vineyard and winery requirements to ensure key sustainability areas such as soil health, water and energy and habitat are addressed.
Other CSWA projects include English classes for immigrants, and the annual Chinatown Labor Fair, which features street theater and activities for children.
Major Sustainability Certification Groups Group Certificat Acres Region CSWA 62, 455 California Fish Friendly Farming (Includes Napa Green program) 55,000 North Coast Sustainable in Place (SIP) 31,600 Central Coast/North Coast Lodi Rules 26,000 Lodi AVA/California Low Input Viticulture & Enology (LIVE) 9,580 Pacific Northwest Long Inland Sustainable Winegrowing 800 Long Island, New York
CSWA relics on a Venn diagram, of overlapping circles, depicting the multiple needs of economics, environment and community.
CSWA relies on a Venn diagram, of overlapping circles, depicting the multiple needs of economics, environment and community.
Once they have earned the certification, students keep their CSWA status and join the community of 25,000 certified, passionate SolidWorks users.
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CSWA members desiring certification as a sustainable wine growing operation are required to complete a series of self-audits developed by the CSWA, and then have them assessed by third-party CCSW-Certified accredited auditors.
One of the objectives of the CSWA project is to introduce performance metrics to winegrape growers and winemakers, using metrics either the same or very similar to the SISC metrics.