CT4Cellular Uptake of T4
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In specimens' CT3 and CT4 fractures, shown in Figs.
Then the remaining portion between points CT3 and CT4 is gradually narrowed and finally the lower sheet is separated.
Nota: dado que en los centros de trabajo CT4 y CT5 no existen tiempos muertos, se puede afirmar que con respecto a la variable Tiempo total de proceso (Makespan) la solucion encontrada es la mejor.
2] was 1075, 898, 1826, 1600, 1198, 1081, and 1146 for NT1, CT1, NT3, CT3, NT4, CT4, and DP, respectively.
Association of British Dispensing Opticians, Godmersham Park Mansion, Godmersham, Kent, CT4 7DT.
David Chalk, Hardres Court, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6EN.
v = verbal nv = nonverbal CT key: CT1 = do-say sequence CT2 = say-do sequence CT3 = CT2 and R+ set-up upon report CT4 = immediate R+ of intermediate behavior CT5 = R+ set-up upon intermediate behavior Generalization key:: B = generalization across behaviors S = generalization across settings T = generalization across time * = limited demonstration Table 3 Overview of Procedural Parameters REINFORCEMENT OF CONTENT R+ Set-up R+ Set-up Upon Say-do Sequence Do-Say Sequence Upon Report Interm.
The authors are Douglas-Westwood Limited, Whitebeams, Pett Bottom, Canterbury, CT4 6EH, UK.
Global Scan and Infocheck Godmersham Park, Godmersham Canterbury Kent CT4 7DT UK Phone: 44 1 227 813000 Fax: 44 1 227 813100
Norman (Norrie) and Pam Francis, 54 Riverside Close, Bridge, Canterbury, Kent CT4 5YN.