CTACChemical Transportation Advisory Committee
CTACCommunications Training Analysis Corporation (Fairfax, VA)
CTACCounter-Drug Technology Assessment Center
CTACCustomer Technical Assistance Center (Sprint)
CTACCenter for Army Tactics
CTACCarlsbad Field Office Technical Assistance Contractor
CTACCritical Thinking Assessment Committee (Phoenix College, Arizona)
CTACCorps Tactical Command Post
CTACCisco Technical Assistance Center
CTACConsolidated Test And Certification (US Navy)
CTACCryptologic Technician (Administrative) Chief (US Navy)
CTACComputerised Track Access Control System (UK)
CTACCitroën Traction Avant Club (Swiss automobile club)
CTACCentre Territorial d'Administration et de Comptabilité (French: Territorial Administration and Accounting Center)
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Some properties of the surfactants used in the tests Surfactant Abbreviation Trimethylglycine TMG Hydroxyethylcellulose HEC Octyl phenol ethoxylate TRITON X-100 Linear alkylbenzene LABSA sulfonate acid Sodium lauryl ether SLES sulfate Cetyl trimethyl CTAC ammonium chloride Quaternised ethoxylated QEFA fatty amine Surfactant Formula Trimethylglycine [([CH.
CTAC considered the challenges SRLs face to be so important that it made them the subject of the second principle: "Include Self-Represented Litigants.
Two projects underway at CTAC are aimed at helping with searches
In addition to calls to boycott Abbott, other participating organizations in CTAC also issued warnings to Canadians about the effect of cross-border pharmacies on the availability of drugs in Canada.
14]N nuclear Zeeman frequency, which very probably originates from the nitrogen nucleus in the quaternary ammonium group of the surfactant probe, but might also be due to quaternary ammonium groups in neighboring CTAC molecules.
Former Senior Manager of Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit and CastleCops Founder Paul Laudanski Joins ESET's Research Team as Director of CTAC
The CTAC and Maryland State Department of Education partnership to implement a system of evaluating student and teacher objectives.
The CTAC develops and votes on recommendations to the Transportation Commission regarding countywide funding for bike paths, transit grants and other transportation-related infrastructure.
Interagency collaboration at the CTAC results in the identification and interdiction of potentially unsafe imported merchandise, including non-compliant fireworks, and truly exemplifies working together as one U.
Distributes replacement contact lenses 327 CTAC 14 made by leading brand names.
CTAC, a City of Chicago department, assists homeowners with property tax appeals, exemptions and refunds.