CTETCentral Teacher Eligibility Test (India)
CTETCurator of Trailing Edge Technology
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The CTET is applicable to schools of the Central Government (KVS, NVS, Central Tibetan Schools, etc.
Developing the CTET curriculum to be delivered online wasn't just a fly-by-night decision.
Learners in the online CTET cohort over the past three semesters reported that the course content is rigorous.
Instructors in the CTET program have learned that every participant has his or her own learning curve for "learning how to learn online.
In addition, CTET instructors deliver online content using a variety of delivery tools and techniques to accommodate learner differences.
Ninety-two percent of CTET cohort learners said they are more engaged in online classrooms when they can apply what they are learning.
Therefore, instructors in the CTET program carefully design and plan activities that will encourage and support learner interactions to ensure learner success.
A recent study of UW-Stout's online CTET learners revealed that 100 percent of participants agreed or strongly agreed on four key areas of instructor influence on learner engagement: instructors have high expectations of students; they want students to succeed; they challenge students to think in depth about topics; and students are more willing to participate in class when they feel that their instructor respects them.
Many CTET instructors assign group research projects or presentations in online environments.
Many CTET instructors also require peer critique of draft projects and papers before learners submit the final version to the instructor.