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CTFCCentre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (Forest Technological Center of Catalonia)
CTFCCommodity Futures Trading Commission
CTFCCentre Technique de la Forêt Communale (French: Communal Forest Technical Center; Cameroon)
CTFCCheltenham Town Football Club (UK)
CTFCCentre Technologique Forestier de Catalogne (French: Forest Technology Center of Catalonia; Catalonia, Spain)
CTFCChâteau-Thierry Football Club (France)
CTFCCentral Time & Frequency Control
CTFCChurches Trust for Cumbria
CTFCChevy Truck Fan Club of North America
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Immediate postoperative perfusion of epicardial blood vessels and myocardium: CTFC and WMSI of the reflow group after PCI were significantly lower than those of the no-reflow group (P<0.
Correlations between serum ET-1 level and other factors: The Pearson's correlation analysis showed that ET-1 level was positively correlated with CTFC in the patients (P<0.
CTFC represents Caernarfon Town FC but there's no evidence that the rival fans were responsible.
At the end of the meeting, both sides, in collaboration with the YMCA and the CTFC, signed a cooperation agreement, of 10 months and with an amount of approximately $ 100.
A CTFC was measured only in patent arteries according to the methods first described by Gibson et al.
The correlation between plasma homocysteine levels and CTFC was assessed by the Pearson correlation test.
The ZeroDivide Fellowship is about building a movement of technology users who can turn information into action to improve society," said Tessie Guillermo, CTFC president and CEO.
The ZeroDivide Fellows exemplify the diversity of California's communities, representing minority populations, rural neighborhoods, people with disabilities, and other underserved groups," said Laura Efurd, CTFC director of policy and leadership.
2 million in inaugural grants from CTFC for their efforts to begin bridging the "digital divide" that separates them from the mainstream telecommunications and technological revolution.
The 1992 CTFC certificates are secured primarily by state and federal grants, and have a subordinate claim on excess sales taxes.
CT Farm & Country's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol CTFC.