CTFDCareer Transition for Dancers (est. 1985)
CTFDComputational Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
CTFDCongenital Factor Transport Deficiency (fatal genetic deficiency)
CTFDCalm the Freak Down (polite form)
CTFDCommunication Technologies for Development (UN Conference on Trade and Development)
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Table 2 gives the rotational angles (CT, CTFD, and P2) for the trials, as well as an average of the values of female subjects (AVG[female]), male subjects (AVG[male]), and all six volunteers (AVG).
Additionally, the parallelism between CTFD and CT illustrates the presence of Femoral Deviation.
The comparison of data between women and men (AVG[female] versus AVG[male]) provided by available subjects reveals that there is no major difference between the real TFR represented by CT values and CTFD values in Table 2.
Since its opening, CTFD has provided 46,000 hours of career counseling to 4,600 active clients across the U.
On November 8, CTFD marks 25 years with its annual gala at New York's City Center.
The evening raises industry awareness "that CTFD provides a light at the end of the dance tunnel," says DeAngelo.
CTFD provided him with scholarship money for physical therapy school.
With one phone call, a whole new life can open up for a dancer even before he or she is thinking of retirement," said CTFD chair and former ABT ballerina Cynthia Gregory.
Founded in 1985, CTFD has helped more than 1,000 dancers look squarely at their career options and take what the organization refers to as "the next step" past performing.
CTFD hosted a glittery gala on October 25 in New York City, which included a performance at the Kaye Playhouse.
Says Suzie Jarie, director of client services at CTFD, "Dancers often state that there was no ad of consciously choosing a career, but that the dancing chose them.
But CTFD reminds dancers that they have transferable skills that most employers would salivate over, such as the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the ability to take direction, intelligence, discipline, persistence, motivation, flexibility, stamina, and being able to think quickly and under pressure.