CTFPCounterterrorism Fellowship Program (DoD)
CTFPChattanooga Times Free Press (Chattanooga, TN)
CTFPCombating Terrorism Fellowship Program (formerly Counterterrorism Fellowship Program)
CTFPCombined Transportation Funding Program (Orange County Transportation Authority; California)
CTFPCherry Tree Family Practice (Orem, UT)
CTFPCertificate in Tax and Financial Planning
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The additional financing for the Customs and Trade Facilitation Project (CTFP) will provide a vehicle to support Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDRs) ongoing trade facilitation and public sector institutional strengthening program and is essentially an extension of the current CTFP that was approved in September 2008 and is scheduled to close in December 2013.
Combating Concern that CTFP is a focused security Terrorism nomination in cooperation engagement Fellowship process up to Office tool that supports combat- Program of the Secretary of ing terrorism and the (CTFP) Defense (OSD) level Global War on Terrorism is too centralized.
The CTFP is a DoD program created under the fiscal year 2002 Defense Appropriations Act to provide counter terrorism training to international officers from selected countries.