CTFPCounterterrorism Fellowship Program (US DoD)
CTFPChattanooga Times Free Press (Chattanooga, TN)
CTFPCombating Terrorism Fellowship Program (formerly Counterterrorism Fellowship Program)
CTFPCombined Transportation Funding Program (Orange County Transportation Authority; California)
CTFPCherry Tree Family Practice (Orem, UT)
CTFPCertificate in Tax and Financial Planning
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Given that CTFP projects had stronger linkages with European and South American practices, four regions were selected for the comparative analysis: Northwest Europe (467 cases), Southern Europe (62 cases), Eastern Europe (using 35 cases) and South America (79 cases).
With these in mind, we have combined online survey results with interview findings in order to understand CTFP cooperation strategy.
Figure 2 benchmarks CTFP sponsorship against other four regions.
An interesting feature of CTFP foresight is the number of projects (10 of 32) that have been directly or indirectly sponsored by international organisations (IGO).
Figure 3 benchmarks CTFP target audiences against other four regions.
Similar to foresight practices in Southern Europe and Eastern Europe, CTFP has also paid considerable attention to industrial federations, other audiences (e.
Figure 4 compares the Scale of Participation of CTFP projects with that of other regions.
The Ugandan military has also participated in counterterrorism training courses through EARSI PKO funds, and Ugandan officers have participated in counterterrorism courses at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) through CTFP.
Uganda hosted a regional security seminar in mid-2010 conducted by the NPS's Center for Civil-Military Relations with CTFP funds, and it is receiving additional civil-military operations training through EARSI.
counterterrorism courses, including programs at the Naval Post Graduate School, and familiarization events funded through CTFP.
Counterterrorism and Related Assistance to Djibouti $, in thousands Source Account FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 State FMF 4,468 3,960 3,800 1,983 and USAID IMET 239 307 345 360 Bilateral Funding INCLE 0 0 0 298 NADR 25 120 356 0 State NADR-ATA 0 120 356 0 and USAID NADR-TIP 25 75 75 0 Regional Funding EARSI PKO 0 0 0 0 DOD Section I206 0 0 8,900 5,100 Funding Section I004 N/A N/A N/A N/A CTFP 0 15 3 58 FY2010 FY2011 Source Account FY2009 estimate request State FMF 2,000 2,000 2,500 and USAID IMET 377 330 350 Bilateral Funding INCLE 300 0 750 NADR 0 0 0 State NADR-ATA 500 N/A N/A and USAID NADR-TIP 300 300 N/A Regional Funding EARSI PKO 1,930 3,378 N/A DOD Section I206 3,300 10,400 N/A Funding Section I004 100 12 N/A CTFP 314 133 N/A Source: U.
Some security analysts question the lack of specific language regarding non-lethal training in the CTFP permanent authority.