CTFPHECanadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination (now Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care)
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Given that over 60% of Canadians in this age category are sexually active (Rotermann, 2005) and many of them do not visit a physician in a given year, it is very clear that far fewer sexually active young people in Canada are screened for chlamydia than as recommended by the CTFPHE and other chlamydia screening guidelines.
TABLE 1 Recommendations for Preventive Services Blood Cholesterol Cholesterol Pressure Male Female AAFP Age:>20 35-65 periodically 45-65 periodically periodically ACOG Yearly or 5 years 19-64 and 5 years 19-64 and appropriate 3-5 years >64 3-5 years >64 ACP Adults every 35-65 45-65 1-2 years CTFPHE Age 21-84 30-59 any visit certain cases NHLBI 2 years 5 years >20 5 years >20 USPSTF Periodically 35-65 periodically 45-65 periodically ACS ACPM NCI AMA ACR AUS Used in Every 5 years 35-65 5 years 45-65 this study 2 years >20 % of sample 0.
Despite the CTFPHE guidelines,[4] inconsistencies in practice remain.