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CTFSCenter for Tropical Forest Science
CTFSCanadian Tire Financial Services
CTFSContinuous-Time Fourier Series
CTFSChop That Freakin' Sportster (polite form)
CTFSCommon Time Frequency System
CTFSCentral Technical Support Facility
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He's also looking ahead to the second phase for the CTFS campus, in which suppliers and service companies will be drawn into the complex's fold, and hopes to eventually include bars, restaurants, hotels and residential space.
a thermoses molder in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, switched to a CTFS system in 1990.
For a number of reasons, CTFS systems have not lived up to earlier sales expectations.
The CTFS was also used occasionally to support follow-on test and evaluation (FOT&E) of fighter radars.
When the CTFS contract expired in 1991, an attempt was made to renew and improve it, but several problems delayed the award past the end of the contract with FI.
Sendzik described CTFS s two regional locations as a great work environment.