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CTGFConnective Tissue Growth Factor (also known as CCN2)
CTGFCytokine-Transforming Growth Factor
CTGFClean Tanks, Gas Free
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39] Notably, the Hippo signaling pathway was also demonstrated to play a role in the development and progression of endometriosis, which modulates endometrial stromal cell activity through transcriptional regulation of CTGF.
Indeed, when they tried deleting CTGF genetically, those fish failed to regenerate.
Methods: H ar epithelial cells (HK-2) were stably trans duced with either control or CTGF expression lentiviral particles to mimic CTGF induction in renal injury.
31) Por otro lado la expresion de EGFR es mayor en condiciones como nefropatia cronica de injerto y glomerulonefritis con medias lunas, lo que sugiere que ligandos distintos a EGF como CTGF pueden activar la senalizacion por este receptor, (27) constituye por lo tanto un objetivo terapeutico en los casos de enfermedad renal cronica pero no en los de fracaso agudo donde el bloqueo de este eje tendria efectos deletereos.
After 1 hr treatment with atrazine, c-fos, CTGF, and cyclin A levels were enhanced, although to a lesser extent than after E2 treatment.
Mechanical stimulation induces CTGF expression in rat osteocytes J Dent Res 2001; 80: 461-65.
Huang and colleagues have previously shown that treatment of cells placed under hypoxic conditions with FBP decreases production of CTGF to near control conditions [8].
If RXi can complete the Phase IIa trials for RXI-109, its RNAi compound to limit excessive CTGF production, Mr.
In addition, gene expression studies have identified CTGF, CYR61 and EGF as candidate genes that may contribute to the condition.
11) The functional implications of CTGF overexpression in the biological behavior of cancer cells depend on the tumor origin.
CTGF, intestinal stellate cells and carcinoid fibrogenesis.