CTLCCoal-to-Liquids Coalition
CTLCCommunity Technology and Learning Center
CTLCCytotoxic T Lymphocytes
CTLCCommunity Teaching and Learning Center
CTLCCentral Trades and Labor Council (various locations)
CTLCCoalition of Tri-Lakes Communities (Monument, CO)
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CT is the imaging modality of choice in the diagnosis of CTLC because of its superior contrast resolution and its ability to detect subtle calcifications within the tendon.
Awareness of this conditions existence and its characteristic radiologic features is key in correctly diagnosing CTLC and averting unnecessary medical and surgical treatments.
38) If sports in Calgary "submerged class differences and provided a force for the social integration of workers," (39) then the CTLC had grounds to contend that "the present Mewata Park is the only ground available for recreation and athletic sports and as such is of far greater use and benefit than an Armory can possibly be.
Sinnott now asked the CTLC to help with its "advice and influence, as I think it is very essential at the present time to secure more play ground while there is an opportunity.
Over the past two and a half years, Microsoft has collaborated with 120 local partners to serve more than 250 CTLCs in the Arab region.
A partnership between Microsoft, UNDP Morocco, UNDP ICTDAR and the Youth Secretary of State, the Ajialcom Project established ten CTLCs in 2004 and 2005.