CTLDC-Type Lectin-Like Domain (immunology)
CTLDCommunity Team for Learning Disabilities (UK)
CTLDCountry Top-Level Domain
CTLDCriminal Trial Listing Directorate (Australia)
CTLDCenter for Trade Law and Development (UK)
CTLDChurches Together in Lincoln and District
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SPR analysis using recombinant CD72 CTLD protein revealed that the binding affinity of [CD72.
amp; 10 Lysozyme CLEC-48 & 50 C type domain-containing proteins (CTLD) CLEC-178 CTLD CLEC-56 CTLD CLEC-3,10, & 11 CTLD CLEC-150 CTLD FIP-1-like FIDR protein C.
The two main components of Borean's technology platform are its CTLD library technology and a trimerisation technology.