CTMMACentral Technical Manual Management Activity
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First, it might be that the reading of the Iranian patronymic is correct in CTMMA 3 89 and wrong in the other text.
In order to be able to comment on Jursa's assumption one must reconstruct what happened at that particular moment when CTMMA 3 89 and VAS 4 113 were drafted.
UTU CTMMA 3 89 Line Text 1 2 nu-uh-hu-tu 2 3 DUMU sa 3 4 [.
In CTMMA 1, 77, two brothers blame four merchants for their negligence regarding textiles under their trust.
In CTMMA 1, 77, Su-Laban and Assurimitti, hearing that textile bales were infested with moth, write to their correspondents: "You are our brothers
Similarly, in CTMMA 1, 77, those in charge of the textiles of Su-Laban and Assur-imitti were to act upon specific orders and were to inspect only their textile bales, already stored for a long time.
OTC Pink Markets: CTMMA, CTMMB) today announced its intention to commence a tender offer to purchase up to thirty percent of its outstanding common stock.
CTM Media Holdings' Trading Symbols Changed to CTMMA, CTMMB
CTM Media Holdings' Class A common stock and Class B common stock are trading under the symbols CTMMA and CTMMB, respectively, in a change from the symbols previously announced.