CTNECompañia Telefónica Nacional de España (National Telephone Company of Spain)
CTNECarbohidratos Totales No Estructurales (Spanish: Total Non-Structural Carbohydrates)
CTNEClub Telex Noise Ensemble (band)
CTNECalf Thymus Nuclear Extract (antigens)
References in classic literature ?
The old maid's marriage had a signal effect in defining the two parties in Alencon.
They then at the same instant perceived a large lantern carried on a pole appear on the deck, defining the forms of shadows behind it.
Frances went into an inner room to take off her bonnet, and she came out a model of frugal neatness, with her well-fitting black stuff dress, so accurately defining her elegant bust and taper waist, with her spotless white collar turned back from a fair and shapely neck, with her plenteous brown hair arranged in smooth bands on her temples, and in a large Grecian plait behind: ornaments she had none--neither brooch, ring, nor ribbon; she did well enough without them --perfection of fit, proportion of form, grace of carriage, agreeably supplied their place.
The terrible moment of complete illumination had come to me, and I saw that the darkness had hidden no landscape from me, but only a blank prosaic wall: from that evening forth, through the sickening years which followed, I saw all round the narrow room of this woman's soul--saw petty artifice and mere negation where I had delighted to believe in coy sensibilities and in wit at war with latent feeling--saw the light floating vanities of the girl defining themselves into the systematic coquetry, the scheming selfishness, of the woman--saw repulsion and antipathy harden into cruel hatred, giving pain only for the sake of wreaking itself.
We have not the least objection to defining our position," said M.
She ceased, as if defining to herself this peculiar charm.
Some authors, in defining the primary races of mankind, have separated these Indians into two classes; but this is certainly incorrect.
Moreover, he allowed his strong prejudices to intrude, even though he colored them with humor; for example in defining 'oats' as 'a grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.
But let me remark, that in defining justice you have yourself used the word `interest' which you forbade me to use.
The fruiterer at the corner had put out the blazing glory of his oranges and lemons, and Brett Place was all darkness, interspersed with the misty halos of the few lamps defining its triangular shape, with a cluster of three lights on one stand in the middle.
Mr Rokesmith again explained; defining the duties he sought to undertake, as those of general superintendent, or manager, or overlooker, or man of business.
Oh, how welcome, the widening of that dismal watery level, the gradual uplifting of the cloudy firmament, the slowly defining blackness of objects above the glassy dark