CTNPCat Tien National Park (Vietnam)
CTNPCommunity Technology Network Project
CTNPChrono Trigger Novel Project (online gaming; Henryville, IN)
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De outro lado, a contensão da desordem -- observada nas notícias (ou na sua ausência) sobre os crimes e transgressões -- e o discurso afirmativo dos editoriais e das propagandas da CTNP sobre a região obliteravam os sentidos ordinários dos grupos e classes dominadas, claramente observáveis nos autos criminais.
The primary purpose of the CTNP program is to provide free or discounted financial services (debit/credit/ATM card), healthcare services, digital access (email, Internet access, Internet training) and computer equipment layaway programs to those low-to-moderate income individuals and families residing in subsidized or public housing.
The initial launch of the prepaid CTNP MasterCard(R) card will begin in Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and South Carolina.
The CTNP program initiative was developed and is administered by Worldwide Communication Group, Inc.
Now, with the assistance of GLOBALCash's CTNP prepaid ATM card, participants will be able to benefit from the convenience of reordering minutes online.
CoreComm Limited (OTCBB:ATX) and The New Internet Company (NIC) whose mission is to provide the CTNP with multi-technology telecommunication services and computers.
The CTNP program is already underway, with ATX's Internet network facilities in place and ready to bring Section 8 and public housing residents online in the State of Indiana.
It will also be used for residents to make their small monthly payment for the optional computer and Internet service provided through the CTNP.