CTOACrack-Tip-Opening Angle
CTOAChinese Tractor Owners Association
CTOAChinese Taipei Orienteering Association
CTOACan Travel or Accomodate (contact magazines)
CTOACorrectional Tactical Officers Association
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A new specimen for high-grade pipeline steels CTOA test, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 148: 203-212.
CTOA aims to network members from law enforcement, corrections, military and security professionals whose service is to provide consultation, expert testimony and specific, effective, practical training based on realistic and relevant skills in crisis and risk management.
The development of the CTOA came from a need for task-specific training and timely access to experts capable of meeting a wide spectrum of industry-related questions and concerns.
CTOA for 10 DENT specimens were monitored, and were found to maintain around 130[degrees] through the entire necking process, supporting that the CTOA is a valid criterion for the crack growth in the HDPE used in this study, even in the neck propagation stage.
Pictures: MICHELLE SPERRY; ANNOYED: From left, stranded passengers Brenda Waddington and Errol Genis, and CTOA chairman Gurdeep Hyare
aIt is entirely up to destinations within and outside of the Caribbean to determine whether they want to use marijuana as a magnet to draw tourists,a said Hugh Riley, CTOas secretary general.