CTOCConvention against Transnational Organized Crime (UN)
CTOCCâmara dos Técnicos Oficiais de Contas (Lisbon, Portugal)
CTOCCountering Transnational Organized Crime
CTOCCombined Team of Clans (gaming)
CTOCCustomer to Customer
CTOCChinese Taipei Olympic Committee
CTOCCorps Tactical Operations Center
CTOCContainerized Tactical Operations Center
CTOCCombined Tactical Operations Center
CTOCCenter to Center (engineering)
CTOCChildren's Theatre of Charleston (Charleston, WV)
CTOCCumulative Table of Contents
CTOCCalifornia Toll Operators Committee
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I gently placed my hand on his shoulder, "Let's go to the CTOC.
The Contemporary Picture: Commencing in March 2003, registration as an effective, permanent member of CTOC will depend not only on appropriate academic skills, but also on a professional internship, and an exam.
While the use of an electronic CTOC benefits both the submitting pharmaceutical company and the CDER review teams, development of an implementation program has the potential to be cumbersome for the pharmaceutical companies, costing them significant investment of time and money to develop a feasible solution.
Now, with CTOC, organizations can seamlessly upgrade their systems to the CorporateTime solution, while still leveraging their investments in Outlook.
In addition to the eight discovery wells drilled on Block A-18, CTOC has drilled six successful appraisal wells.
In October, CTOC plans to begin the acquisition of about 530 square km of three-dimensional seismic data over the Suriya Field, as well as the adjacent structure on which CTOC's Bumi-1 exploratory well currently is being drilled.
This is the fourth successful well drilled in the field and the sixth successful well drilled on Block A-18 by CTOC.
This is the third discovery well and the fifth successful well drilled on Block A-18 by CTOC.
It also provides CTOC with valuable additional technical data so that the field's potential can be better evaluated and a development plan expedited.
Cakerawala East-1 is the first well drilled by CTOC on Block A-18 to reach deeper reservoir sands in the overpressure/high-temperature zones.
The third well drilled by CTOC on Block A-18 currently is being tested.
5 miles) east-southeast and on a separate geologic structure from the first well CTOC drilled on the block, the Cakerawala-1A, which produced on test at least 58 MMcf of gas and 945 barrels of condensate and oil per day.