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CTPAComité Technique Paritaire Académique (French: Joint Academic Technical Committee)
CTPACosmetic Toiletry Perfumery Association
CTPACentre for Tax Policy and Administration (OECD department)
CTPAConsequential and Transitional Provisions Act (Australia)
CTPACoax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter
CTPAColumbia Theatre for the Performing Arts (Washington)
CTPAComputed Tomography Pulmonary Angiogram
CTPAChauray Travaux Publics et Agricoles (French construction company)
CTPACentre Technique des Productions Animales et Agro-Alimentaires (French: Technical Center of Animal Production and Agri-Food)
CTPACertified Treasury Professional Associate (accreditation)
CTPACalifornia Travel and Park Association
CTPAConnecticut Tree Protective Association, Inc.
CTPACertified Transit Program Administrator
CTPAChicago Tour Professionals Association
CTPAClearwater Timber Protection Alliance
CTPACape Teacher's Professional Association
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The anti-coagulation treatment was continued until a CTPA examination was repeated and showed negative results.
increased cough, change in sputum volume or colour), CTPA is probably not required.
active on chemotherapy, metastatic, cured, or relapsed), and findings on CTPA including documentation of extent of pulmonary artery occlusion by the thrombus.
The patient was successfully managed with thrombolysis, once CTPA showed massive pulmonary embolism.
An elevated plasma D-dimer, ideally adjusted for age, should prompt evaluation by CTPA.
We selected exclusively these patients for the next step because an underlying PE can only be confirmed or excluded after a CTPA.
CTVPA, is a "one-stop examination," requiring only a few additional minutes--although the overall radiation dose is higher, there are more images to review, and the dose of IV contrast needs to be higher for optimal venous enhancement compared with CTPA alone.
CTPA is based on the direct detection of emboli presenting as filling defects in affected vessels, while VQS images the functional consequences of the emboli, i.
Patients who had undergone CTPA for reasons other than to diagnose or exclude acute PE, who were treated with warfarin or unfractionated heparin for more than 24 hours prior to CTPA and those without any laboratory blood tests performed before CTPA were excluded from this study.
Patient preparation for CTPA is four hours nil by mouth.