CTPRCenter for Tobacco Policy Research (Washington University; St. Louis, MO)
CTPRCentre for Technology Policy Research (UK)
CTPRCollege Tobacco Prevention Resource (Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium)
CTPRCenter for Turbomachinery and Propulsion Research (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
CTPRClinical Trial Periodic Report
CTPRCertification Test Procedure
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The NIH Institutional Development Award program will fund the CTPR as one of NIH's Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence.
Moreover, the inquiry has been started to dig the matter deep and the inquiry team head has assured CTPR chief that the mess creators will be brought to justices soon.
For this particular study, we used only four of the developed stress subscales from the COSI (FS, LDMA, CTPR, CPPR).
CTPR took strict action against 42583 vehicles having illegal or no number plates.