CTSBCrash the Super Bowl (Doritos)
CTSBCritical Task Selection Board
CTSBCommunity Television for the Southern Berkshires (South Lee, MA)
CTSBCatch the Sewing Bug (JoAnn Gagnon book)
CTSBCanada Transportation Safety Board
CTSBCulture, Tourism and Sport Board (Local Government Association; London, UK)
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55% CTSB Group Mean Coefficient of [micro]TBS (SD) variation (%) Control 17.
The CTSB will be a major catalyst for development in upstate New York, creating an estimated 600 new jobs in the Rochester area and potentially creating more employment opportunities statewide and nationally.
The CTSB is part of the first major new science building on the southwest side of University's Medical Center in 80 years, which was designed in the early 1920s by Gordon and Kaelber of Rochester with consulting architects McKim, Mead & White of New York City.
The design of the CTSB will match the buildings innovative research and clinical activities and set the standard for dry research buildings at University of Rochester Medical Center campus.
The CTSB embraces changes in medical education, new technologies, and sustainability.
Survey respondents provided data that was used to shape the task inventory considered by CTSB members.
The CTSB panel convened 23-27 July 2007 at the USACMLS.
Some areas of the curriculum (based on the CTSB recommendations) will be eliminated, shifted to unit training, or conducted via Web-based dL products.
Changes based on the CTSB recommendations are beginning now.
A CTSB crash investigator has stated, 'The aviation community is not doing enough to fight aircraft fire, and it is evident that the earlier a fire is detected, the better', reported Reuters.
In an attempt to improve standards with regard to fire fighting, the CTSB wants industry standards to 'reflect a philosophy that when odour/smoke from an unknown source appears in the aircraft, the most appropriate course of action is to prepare to land the aircraft expeditiously.
The CTSB has also recommended better use of technology to detect smoke and a review of in-flight fire fighting procedures, including training, equipment and accessibility certain to spaces such as attic areas.