CTTTConsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
CTTTConsortium for Training Translation Teachers
CTTTCentral Texas Trail Tamers (Austin, TX)
CTTTCipher Text Terminal Timing
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15) It will bring the ADT and CTTT jurisdictions into the one structure, along with the Guardianship Tribunal, various medical and health professional discipline tribunals and some other small tribunals.
CTTT had 64,805 lodgments: see Annual Report for 2011-12.
He felt the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee and CTTT should be "commended" for their actions, agreeing that "to ignore the past or to sweep it under the rug is what keeps people from getting together in amity and harmony .
Local members of CTTT and representatives from both the Moore's Ford group and S.
CTTT agreed that it needed a focus, but whether Sam Hose could provide that focus was no clearer after the forum than it was before.
The CTTT advises--in English--a number to ring to an interpreter service.
Alone among the sizeable tribunals, the CTTT provides e-lodgement for applications in all its major areas of work.