CTUCCalifornia Trail Users Coalition (Glendale, CA)
CTUCCommonwealth Trade Union Congress
CTUCCameroon Trade Union Congress (formerly National Union of Cameroon Workers)
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We have found that this is becoming an increasing problem following the introduction of the national living wage," CTUC president Katrine Williams said.
One Twun attack stated of the CTUC that, "its president [Rowley] was a communist, kicked out of the labour movement because of his communist tactics, and its secretary treasurer [Madeleine] was also a well known Communist supporter who travelled to red China for conferences of her party.
creando tradicion teatral en Colima, al haber presentado infinidad de obras, tanto para ninos como para adultos, la CTUC cumple dos decadas de difundir la cultura, actividad primigenia de la institucion".