CTYPECivilian Type (code)
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As FRAME is not part of [CTYPE, SUB J], the result means that, taking the three variables CTYPE, SUBJ, and FRAME together, only the first two are statistically dependent on each other.
8 CTYPE = clause type, SUBJ = subject NP, FRAME = verbal frame, REV = reversibility, PREP = preposition stranding, NP = subject or object NP Table 2.
If there is an existing infrastructure based on control modules written in C or C ++ or requirements on speed the internal control systems are such that Python because of its low speed is not suitable as the primary programming language for the control module, it is necessary to create an interface for these modules using libraries such as Cython [9], ctypes [10], boost::python [11] or by using the Python CAPI [12].