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One major goal of therapy for patients with CUA is normalization of calcium, phosphorous, and parathyroid levels.
McMullen brings strong administrative experience, both at the school and university levels, an accomplished research record, and a commitment to student success," CUA Provost James Brennan said.
Since the CUA is an urban university, faculty believed that it would be best to design a program that could also be pursued part-time, but year-round, allowing candidates to retain full-time teaching positions.
In addition to consumer and small business branch banking, CUA offers online banking, electronic bill payment, ATMs, and a full line of electronic card products.
2011) reported that PD was shown to be a risk factor for CUA in one prospective cohort.
As a community development financial institution, CUA can apply for grants to help with technical and other forms of support.
The solar PV expansion will be installed at no up-front cost to CUA and -- like the original system -- will be owned and operated by WGES.
The CUA meeting is geared to make us all the best urologists possible.
CUA was recently certified as a community development financial institution, she added.
We trust that these articles will be of interest (and be used) not only by our CUA colleagues who have access to CUAJ, but it is also our anticipation that they can be shared with our colleagues in primary care.
In the 2014-15 fiscal year, due to the redesign of the CUA PIMs, there was a large increase in the number of pamphlets distributed to CUA members, as well as an increased cost due to the redesign.
CUA Partners with Washington Gas Energy Services and Standard Solar to Create Washington's Largest Solar-Energy System