CUAMCentro Universitario Anglo Mexicano (Spanish: Anglo-Mexican University Centre; high school; Mexico City, Mexico)
CUAMCentro Universitario Analitico Municipal (Spanish: Central University Municipal Analytics)
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Shelley Yang, MD and head of International Business of CUAM, said, 'RMB internationalisation will further enhance the demand for access to the Chinese mainland market.
CHPA Chelodina parkeri 2 CHRE Chinemys reevesi 4 CUAM Cuora amboinensis 8 GEEL Geochelone elegans 6 GESP Geoemyda spengleri 4 HESP Heosemys spinosa 6 KIFL Kinosternon flavescens 6 LEYU Leucocephalon yuwonoi 6 MATE Malaclemys terrapin terrapin 6 PECA Pelochelys cantorii 2 PESI Pelodiscus sinensis 4 PYMO Pyxidea (Cuora) mouhotii 6 RHPM Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni 5 SICR Siebenrockiella crassicollis 6 TABLE 2 Percentage of Edible Tissues in Consumption Categories* Species Code Consumption Category Do Not Eat 0.