CUCEICentro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías
CUCEICollege and University Classroom Environment Inventory
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The modified items from the CUCEI were administered to the 20 students participating in the WC recitation section.
Four students in the August CUCEI survey indicated that group work was an activity that helped them develop cohesion.
Finally, with respect to student satisfaction, when asked on the first CUCEI in August "How could recitations be improved" five out of eighteen students described that they would like to see improvements to the WC software.
The small but statistically significant increase in social cohesion, as measured by the modified CUCEI, may be attributable to students getting to know each other throughout the year through group work.
The increase in satisfaction scores, as measured by the CUCEI, may have been due to the transition from Wimba Classroom to Adobe Connect.
Finally, students consistently expressed frustration with the technologies they were using across all of the surveys, so a decrease in technical issues may have led to an increase over time in student satisfaction scores as measured by the CUCEI.
Descriptive information for each scale of CUCEI (1) Moos Scale name category Scale description Personalisation R Emphasis on opportunities for individual students to interact with the lecturer/ tutor and on concern for students' personal welfare.