CUCVCommercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
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The commercial trucks are cheaper, but Humvees last three times as long and do not fall apart like our CUCV program did," she told National Defense during the conference.
He said in an interview that it is understandable for the Army to resist commercial trucks after the CUCV experience.
GM's director of military sales, George Baker, told National Defense that the company is changing the name CUCV to "tactical support vehicle.
But, he added, "to take a line from the Oldsmobile commercial, the Combatt truck is not your father's CUCV.
The transfer of TLQ-17As from CUCVs to HMMWVs has already begun.
This system has undergone a significant platform evolution, moving from jeeps to CUCVs to the present HMMWV.
For example, heavy divisions are currently equipped with five different systems: Trailblazer, with five shelters; Teammate, with three CUCVs; Teampack, with three M1015s; TLQ-17As in a variable number of CUCVs or HMMWVs; and TACJAMs, carried on M1015s.
This ground-based ELINT/ESM system produced by Emerson combines signal collection and analysis equipment on the same platform: M1015s for heavy divisions and CUCVs for light divisions.
The Army dubbed those General Motors vehicles CUCVs, or Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles.
Loral Fairchild won its initial contract for the system in 1976, and has delivered approximately 300 units for installation in jeeps, CUCVs, HMMWVS and Quickfix helicopters.