CUISPACredit Union Information Security Professional’s Association
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Of course, one of the key antidotes to social engineering is member education; something one of the respondents to the CUISPA survey said can take place even in these days of tight spending limits.
2% 50 answered question 83 skipped question 0 Source: CUISPA
Our selection for membership with CUISPA proves our successful track record of helping credit unions meet compliance and security requirements," said Romir Bosu, president and CEO of Compushare.
Focused on improving security management through collaboration, the CUISPA provides peer communication, education, awareness, threat and compliance monitoring, support services and coop-purchasing discounts.
CUISPA is an association of credit union IT professionals dedicated to improving information security practices through cooperation.
Contributions like this from our affiliate members are instrumental in helping CUISPA realize its mission.
By providing CUISPA members with access to the Xacta Vulnerability Awareness System, we're letting them have a small taste of the functionality built into Xacta IA Manager(TM)," said Richard Tracy, chief security officer for Telos Corporation.
We're excited about the opportunity to showcase Intrusion's Compliance Commander capabilities through this innovative offering to CUISPA members," explained Ben Bittle, Intrusion's Director of Product Management.
The Credit Union Information Security Professionals Association (CUISPA) commends Pasadena FCU for their commitment to safeguarding their members' personal financial data," stated Kelly Dowell Executive Director for CUISPA.
join our ranks with affiliate membership this week during the National Association of Federal Credit Union (NAFCU) Info Security Workshop," stated Kelly Dowell, CUISPA Executive Director.
CUISPA will be co-sponsoring with Intrusion, a national Credit Union compliance WebEx on Wednesday March 23, 2005.
The CUISPA (Credit Union Information Security Professionals Association) is an alliance of credit union IT managers focused on improving security management through collaboration.