CULESCambridge University Light Entertainment Society (England)
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Moreover, the supine stem cules `gathering' rules out noun-specific modifiers (i.
It was one thing to admire Curse of the Demon or Her cules Conquers Atlantis or The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, and quite another thing to find language adequate to explaining such admiration.
Angels are deprived of their innocence in this world: an archangel is dirty with soot ("Soot"), and "angels are stoned" before a "new species of prey-birds" is decreed ("Dovezi/Beweise"); it is a world where angels drop like ripe fruit ("La Cules ingeri / EngelErnte") and where their only fault is their fatigue ("Cadere / Fall").
Altman, Stephen Jancys and Cules Mouton in New York and Kenneth A.
An estimated 1,900 tonnes of waste was found buried under pasture at Cules in October 2004.
Les quotidiens sportifs edites a Madrid se sont rejouis de la defaite du Barca estimant que [beaucoup moins que]les cules ont joue leur pire match des cinq dernieres annees[beaucoup plus grand que] (Marca) et que l'AC Milan [beaucoup moins que]a mis contre les cordes un Barca vulgaire[beaucoup plus grand que].
The molecular motions or deformations in the interfacial region originated from UHMWPE crystals may be much more difficult than those originated from melt-crystallized polyethylene crystals with regular molecular weights, because the restrained chain mobility from extraordinary long UHMWPE mole cules in the crystal and interfacial regions are much higher than those from regular polyethylene molecules.